Dubai Desert Safari

A Guide to Ultimate Dubai Desert Safari Experience

Dubai is a city located in the United Arab Emirates. It is known as the heart of the Arabian Desert. The world’s most beautiful deserts are located in Dubai. Dubai offers thrilling activities like Desert Safari. It is famous for its big shopping malls, creative architecture, luxurious resorts, and beautiful buildings. Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the famous places for the people visiting Dubai. It gives tourist an amazing opportunity to uncover its mesmerizing beauty and thrilling adventures. Its iconic desert safari experiences like camel riding, quad biking, dune bashing, Bedouin camp, sand boarding, and sand skiing always astonish the tourists.

Dubai Desert Safari

Choosing the Right Desert Safari

Choosing the Right Desert Safari is very essential for the tourists. There are different types of desert safari which are available in Dubai like

  • Evening Desert Safari
  • Morning Desert Safari
  • Premium Desert Safari
  • VIP Desert Safari
  • Overnight Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari is one of the longest tours that starts in the afternoon and ends at night. Pick up a wheel 4×4 at any point in Dubai to reach on destination. Its pick-up point is in between 9:00 am to 2:30 am. The Desert Safari provides an amazing opportunity to capture aesthetic pictures during the sunset. There are many fun activities present in Desert Safari including camel riding, beautiful henna paintings, dune bashing, and fire shows displays.

Evening Desert Safari

Adventurous activities On Evening Desert Safari

There are several thrilling and adventurous activities on Evening Desert Safari for example dune bashing, quad biking , and sand boarding.

BBQ Dinner on Dubai Desert Safari

At night, a belly dance show is presented under the sky full of stars with a mouthwatering BBQ dinner, Hubble Bubble (Shishas) ,and unlimited drinks like tea, Arabian Coffee, and mineral water. Vegetarian food is also available. One of the best views of Desert Safari is to watch the sunset over the dunes. It is one of the worth taking and mesmerizing sites.

Dubai Desert 4×4 Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing is a part of the Desert Safari. Dune bashing means driving at different speeds over the dunes.It has a vast range of activities like 4×4 off-road rides, and many other rides.

Cost of Evening Desert Safari

The cost of the evening Desert Safari is 90 AED per person.

Morning Desert Safari

At 4:30 am, the most safari tours will pick you up from any point in Dubai and reach you into the heart of the desert. Start your morning with a delicious traditional breakfast like dates, Arabian coffee, and delicious sweets. The Morning Desert Safari is the best for enjoying thrilling activities on the dunes without the afraid of the harsh afternoon. There are many other activities like camel riding, quad biking, sand boarding, and dune bashing with additional charges. The service of the dune buggy is also present.

Morning Desert Safari

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Dubai Desert Safari  

One of the activities of Morning Desert Safari is hot air balloon rides over the desert. The perfect time for Hot Air Balloon Rides in Dubai Desert Safari is in the cooler months. The weather is pleasant in these months. There is no humidity at all.

Cost of Morning Desert Safari

The cost of Morning Desert Safari ranges from 100 to 1000 AED.

Premium Desert Safari

The premium desert safari is one of the thrilling, captivating, and mesmerizing adventures that allows you to indulge yourself in the beauty of the desert, unique experiences, and thrilling activities. There are several activities in Premium Desert Safari Dubai like camel riding, sand boarding, dune bashing, and quad biking.

Best Tips for Riding Quad Biking

  • Wearing a helmet, goggles,  gloves to ensure safety
  • Don’t override in extreme hot and cold weather
  • Keep a water bottle and food
  • Keep an eye on obstacles such as rocks and many other hurdles
  • Don’t ride an ATV while drunk.

Bedouin Style Camp

There is a Bedouin Style Camp in Desert Safari where you can relax, rest,   and a good sleep. The camp is loaded with many facilities like a good seating area, traditional carpets, and Bedouin decorations that enhance the beauty of the camp.

The Night Experience in Premium Desert Safari

On night, the Premium Desert Safari offers a big feast. All the dishes are prepared by the skilled chefs. The mouthwatering dishes include grilled meats, vegetable and non vegetable dishes, colorful rice, and delicious desserts. Traditional dances are also performed in Desert Safari like belly dance producing a mesmerizing atmosphere. Safety and hygiene are not compromised in Desert Safari.

Cost of Premium Desert Safari

The cost of Premium Desert Safari is 180 AED per person.

VIP Desert Safari

VIP Desert Safari features luxury, adventurous and mesmerizing landscapes. The VIP Desert Safari is loaded with features like camel riding, dune bashing, and sandboarding. They provide an AC room in summer. There is a display of fire shows. Audience was also entertained with the belly dance. The yummy dishes include BBQ dinner, Arabic coffee, fresh dates, and unlimited soft drinks like tea, coffee, and water are also available in Desert Safari.

Vip Desert Safari

Cost of VIP Desert Safari

The cost of VIP Desert Safari is 150 AED per person.

Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari is somehow similar to Evening Desert Safari. You can stay on an overnight camp and enjoy the beautiful moments under the sky full of stars. Pillows, blankets , and all other facilities are available. Arabic coffee, fresh dates, camel rides, belly dance shows, beautiful henna paintings,  unlimited drinks, shisha, buffet dinners are available in the overnight camp. The camps are adorned with beautiful tents. Fire shows and Tanura dance shows always grab the attention of the audience. The service of photography in traditional custom is also available. Sand skiing and Quad biking service is available with additional charges. Bar and Belly dance shows are not valid during Ramadan.

Desert Safari Dubai Deals

It includes a vast variety of deals

  • Self-drive desert safari costs 35 AED per person. The drawback of this package is that pick-and- drop services are not available.
  • Advanced desert safari costs 90 AED per person.  All the facilities are available like camel riding, belly dancing, riding, and delicious BBQ dinner.
  • A special 50 AED package is available in Dubai Desert Safari. Make your journey joyful with this package. Camel riding over dunes always makes your mood happy.
  • The Basic Safari Package costs 150 AED. It includes sand boarding, camel riding, and more making your journey more adventurous.

Desert Safari Dubai Ticket

Ticket for Desert Safari Dubai depends upon the kind of safari you choose. The cost of Desert Safari Dubai is mentioned above in the article.

Factors to consider when selecting a Desert Safari Package

There are several factors to consider when selecting a Desert Safari Dubai package. It includes

  • Cost
  • Safety considerations
  • Booking Process
  • Regular Safari Provider
  • Safari guide
  • Cultural experiences

Preparing for the safari

Things you must pack for your safari are listed below. These things make your journey comfortable and easy.

  • Medicines
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Sunblock
  • Wearing Clothes in layers
  • Phone
  • Check the weather fluctuations
  • A good book


Before going on any safari, remember to put your medications in your luggage. It makes your journey easy and comfortable. Keep enough amount of medicine that remains at the end of the tour.


Keep one or two sunglasses before going to the safari. In case one is broken, you have another set of glasses.


Keep a good camera to capture breath and take pictures. The camera is always needed to capture the amazing moments. Without a camera, you cannot capture the amazing moments that are not forgetful.

Wear clothes in layers

Wearing clothes in layers is the best way to cope with temperature fluctuations. When it is warm, you can peel off one layer. When it is cold, you can wear up another layer. Clothes you have to wear before going to Desert Safari.

  • A warm jacket which helps yourself to protect from the cold
  • Shirts with long sleeves that protect you from mosquitoes and insects
  • A pair of safari trousers is required during the journey
  • A pair of boots that are comfortable for walking. Boots always help to tackle the hurdles and rocky paths.
  • A swimsuit is required for swimming pools
  • An elegant outfit is required for dinner in the luxurious hotels.
  • A cotton or wool scarf is also necessary
  • Undergarments
  • Raincoat is also essential in Safari to encounter the rain


Phone, tablet, and laptop are required during the Safari and their charges.

Check the Weather Fluctuations

Ask your travel agent to check the weather of the environment where you are going. If you are going to a place where weather is too cold, you may need a coat, hat, gloves, wool scarf, and boots. If you are going to a place where the weather is too hot, you need a T-shirt, a shirt with full sleeves and the long trousers. Color clothes are better for the safari as compared to bright colors.

A Good Book

A book is always a good company during the journey. A good book will never bore you.

Healthy and Safety Tips during Safari

Some health and safety tips are required during The Desert Safari Dubai

  • Always listen to your guide
  • Do not go outside at late night because there are several wild animals
  • Do not throw cigarettes in the path
  • Never travel alone on the safari. Always keep someone who helps you to guide the path
  • Always wear proper and comfortable clothes during the safari
  • Avoid swimming in the river, lakes, and swimming pools. Sometimes crocodiles and other wild animals are present in the lakes which are dangerous for life.
  • Prefer to stay in your vehicle
  • Keep a sunblock to protect yourself from the sun
  • Respect the traditions of the Safari and the wildlife
  • Wear boots to cover the rocky path

Activities and Attractions of Desert Safari Dubai

Activities and attractions of the Desert Safari include:

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is one of the thrilling adventures in Desert Safari Dubai. We can simply define dune bashing as ‘’ driving at accelerating or decelerating speeds over the dunes’’. The surface of the desert is bumpy, not smooth.  Dune bashing is safe only when you are a skillful rider.

Camel Riding

Camel riding is one of the best experiences to explore the Desert Safari Dubai at a leisurely pace. Enjoy a camel ride in Dubai with an amazing adventure.

Sand boarding

Sand boarding is a unique adventure for thrill seekers. The best place to do sand boarding is Red Dune.  It is one of the safest desert activities in Desert Safari Dubai that the whole family will enjoy.

Desert Safari Sand Boarding

Sunset photography

Capturing the sunset photography in Desert Safari Dubai is one of the best experiences to explore the beauty of the desert.  Visitors can enjoy it by taking aesthetic pictures of the desert.

Traditional Entertainment

Traditional entertainment includes:

  • Henna panting
  • Belly Dance

Henna painting:

Traditional henna painting is one of the best experiences in Desert Safari Dubai. Beautiful henna paintings are used to adorn hands and feet. Henna painting increases the curiosity of the women.

Belly dance:

Belly dance is routed from the Arab Culture.  Dubai is in the heart of the Arabian Sea and is famous for its belly dance. Belly dance gives entertainment to tourists. There are many types of  belly dance in Dubai.

  • Traditional belly dance show
  • LED belly dance
  • Fire belly dance

Culinary delights in the desert

On a tour of the Desert Safari, you will experience mouthwatering food. Food like lemon kebabs, grilled chicken, BBQ chicken, vegetarian and nonvegetarian food, aromatic rice, Arabian coffee, fresh dates, and unlimited drinks increased the ethnicity of the desert.

Traditional Emirate Food

The traditional emirate food includes UAE traditional foods served in Desert Safari. It includes

  • Chabab is the most popular traditional emirate food among tourists.
  • Regag is a flatbread mostly served in the breakfast. It is a soul-satisfying dish that everyone loves.
  • Madrooba
  • Machboos
  • Thareed
  • Lugaymat is one of the best Emirati desserts

Bedouin Culture

Bedouin culture is to learn about the traditional rituals of the Bedouin people. It is the best way to learn about Desert Safari. The Bedouins are the nomadic Arabic tribes that lived in the desert for  centuries. They have strong traditional customs and rituals.  

Sustainability and Responsible Tourism

Efforts made by tour operators to reduce to minimize the environmental impact. The major role of Roar Adventure tour operators is to reduce the negative impact.

How visitors can contribute to Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is a city famous for its architecture, landscapes, giant shopping mall , and safari desert.

  • Choosing the best safari desert
  • Selecting a suitable time of the year
  • Stay hydrated
  • Always keep a camera to capture the pictures
  • Respect the cultural traditions of Desert Safari
  • Enjoy the thrilling experiences
  • Try Quad biking
  • Experience sand boarding
  • Adopt the habit of temperature fluctuations
  • Enjoy a traditional Bedouin camp experience


Dubai Desert Safari is one of the best and worth seeing tours in Dubai. It offers a wide range of adventurous and thrilling activities. It gives an amazing moment to capture aesthetic pictures. Camel riding, Dune bashing, Sand boarding, and Quad biking always astonish the visitors. Belly dance in Desert Safari entertains the visitors. Beautiful henna paintings adorn the hands and feet of the visitors. Mouthwatering dishes like BBQ, vegetarian and nonvegetarian, fresh dates, Arabian coffee, and unlimited drinks like tea, and coffee always mesmerize the audience. A fire display show attracts the audience. Visit Desert Safari Dubai and enjoy the most exciting experience of your life

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