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Experience the Thrill of Dubai’s Desert with the Best Desert Safari Company in Dubai. Out of many places in the world, Dubai is on the list of each traveler across the world. When you visit the area, you will have many things to do. It also includes Desert Safari Dubai. You can get many Desert Safari Dubai deals.

Best Desert Safari Dubai Tours

The desert has always been a sight to see for an outsider. But, over time every Best Desert Safari Dubai evolves. Now, this trip is more than just a fun time with family and friends.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Evening Desert Safari

AED 100 / Person

VIP Desert Safari

AED 150 / Person

VIP Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Overnight Desert Safari

AED 250 / Person

Morning Desert Safari

AED 200 / Person

Morning Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Best Desert Safari Company In Dubai - Our Adventure Tour

When you visit Dubai, you will need to pick a deal for your trip. But, the process to pick a deal is not simple. So, you need to be careful while you select a deal as it can change your trip. There are many factors in this regard.

Desert Safari Timing

If you want to love the time you spend on your trip, you need to pick a time as well. As you know, the desert safari takes place round the clock. The time of your trip will help in the whole fun of the safari.

So, if you are a night person and want to see the starts, you can pick nighttime. Further, if you want to see nature as well in bright light, go for the daytime.

Further, the deal you pic will also give you many things as per the time. If you opt for the night, you can get dinner. Also, you will get lunch on the day trip! It depends upon the deal you pick.

Fun Level

We need to know what we are opting for on our trip. Each of the desert trips has a change in fun level. Some of them are only for the youth while others are for family time. Some of the trips give you details about the place as well. Further, a few of them have a focus on the fun point only.

When we check the level of fun we need, we also need to think about the food. Most of the time, food is part of the deal that you opt for the trip. But, each of them has their own menu.

While the local food is part of each of those deals. But we should read their menu as well before making a final pick.

Desert Safari Budget

This part is the base of your trip. Before making a pick, you will need to check your budget as it will change your plans. You can find the best deals in the place. Further, I prefer to look for discounts. You can find many deals in the place as per your budget.

So, when you have got a deal as per your budget, you can focus on the other factors. Also, there is another factor in this part.

In the city, you can find the best deals for the trip. You can find a deal with a combo as well. If you want to save the costs and a trip on your budget, you should look for a combo.

Parts of a good Desert Safari Dubai

So far, we were able to learn the details of the safari tour. We had a study of the factors you should look at when you pick a deal. But, if you want to opt for the tour for the first time, you should know about parts of a safari tour.

If you are aware of all the parts of the tour, you will enjoy it more as well. So, let’s look at them.

The Transfer

While we know that each of the deals for the desert safari will have their own plan. But we agree that each of them will start by picking you up from the hotel. For the first-timers, we need to know the basics. Each of the campsites of the safari tour is away from the city.

So, when you pick a deal, the trip will start from your hotel. The trip company will pick up from the hotel so you can travel to the site. This helps you focus on the trip. Further, it will ease your mind off travel issues in a new city.


Now it depends on the type of trip you select on the tour. If you are a young person who loves to have new events. Then this part of the trip is only for you. I can’t explain the thrills you will get during the trip.

When you are in the desert, there is a must-feel event. You will need to go for a camel ride. But the fun gets more when this ride is part of the whole trip. That is just a promo for the whole trip. You can go to see the wildlife, further, you can go on a dune buggy ride as well.

The Food

Out of many great things in Dubai, food is at the top of my list. You can get to enjoy the food which you can’t in any other part of the world. But, since we don’t belong to that part, we often make a mistake. But, during the safari trip, we can enjoy the local food all over the trip.

To sum the topic, we can say that the desert safari trip is a must-see thing in Dubai. If you get a chance, you should get a Desert Safari Dubai deals and enjoy the trip with the family.

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