Dubai evening desert safari

Dubai Evening Desert Safari 2023: Unveiling Adventure with Roar Adventure Tourism

As the sun sets over the enchanting desert landscapes of Dubai, a world of adventure and magic awakens. If you’re seeking an unforgettable evening filled with heart-pounding activities, cultural experiences, and mouthwatering delights, Roar Adventure Tourism is your gateway to an unparalleled Dubai Evening Desert Safari. As a prominent travel company rooted in the vibrant cities of Dubai and Sharjah, Roar Adventure Tourism offers a diverse array of tours that cater to your every need. Among their exceptional offerings, the Dubai Evening Desert Safari stands out as an epitome of adventure and entertainment. In this comprehensive article, we’ll dive deep into the exquisite details of this package, highlighting the remarkable activities, the commitment to professionalism, affordability, and the warm family-like environment that Roar Adventure Tourism brings to every traveler’s experience.

Unraveling the Dubai Evening Desert Safari:

Roar Adventure Tourism’s Dubai Evening Desert Safari promises an adventure-packed evening that showcases the allure of the desert and the heart of Arabian hospitality. With a commitment to making your experience extraordinary, they offer a range of captivating activities:

  1. 4×4 Pick & Drop (Home / Hotel): Roar Adventure Tourism understands the value of convenience. Their 4×4 pick-up and drop-off service ensures that you can relax from the moment you step out of your home or hotel, setting the tone for a stress-free evening.
  1. Dune Bashing (Adventurous Desert Drive): Brace yourself for a heart-pounding experience as you embark on a thrilling dune bashing journey, a roller-coaster ride across the undulating sand dunes that will leave you exhilarated.
  1. Camel Riding: Embrace the traditions of the desert with a few minutes of camel riding. Feel the rhythm of the desert beneath you as you traverse the golden sands, and if you wish, you can even repeat this experience.
  1. Sand Boarding: Slide down the dunes on a sandboard, creating exhilarating memories and capturing Instagram-worthy moments.
  1. Quad Bike Ride in the Desert: For those seeking an extra adrenaline rush, the quad bike ride offers an opportunity to navigate the desert on a four-wheeled adventure, adding a dash of excitement to your evening.
  1. Henna Painting: Immerse yourself in the artistry of henna painting, allowing intricate designs to grace your skin, showcasing the beauty of traditional adornment.
  1. Arabic Dress Photograph Opportunity: Transform into an Arabian prince or princess with the chance to dress in traditional attire and capture the magic of the moment with memorable photographs.
  1. VIP Table Service and Dedicated Waiter: Roar Adventure Tourism takes your comfort seriously. Enjoy the VIP treatment with dedicated service and a reserved seating area that adds a touch of luxury to your desert experience.
  1. Free Sheesha (on table): Indulge in a bit of relaxation as you enjoy a flavorful sheesha session, adding an authentic touch to your evening.
  1. International and BBQ Buffet Dinner: Savor the flavors of Arabia and beyond with an exquisite buffet dinner featuring a blend of international and BBQ delights, catering to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
  1. Unlimited Soft Drinks and Mineral Water: Stay refreshed throughout the evening with unlimited soft drinks and mineral water, ensuring you stay hydrated as you revel in the desert activities.
  1. Cultural Performances: Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of the region with captivating performances including the Tanoura Dance Show, Belly Dance Show, and Fire Show, adding an element of mystique to your evening.
  1. Toilet Facilities: Roar Adventure Tourism’s commitment to your comfort extends to providing separate and hygienic toilet facilities for both men and women.
  1. Drop Back to Your Home or Hotel: As the evening comes to a close, Roar Adventure Tourism ensures your safety and convenience by offering a drop-off service that ensures you reach your home or hotel comfortably.

Affordability, Professionalism, and Punctuality:

Roar Adventure Tourism prides itself on offering a package that not only promises unforgettable memories but also value for your money. Their Dubai Evening Desert Safari is designed to provide an exceptional experience without breaking the bank. With Roar Adventure Tourism, affordability doesn’t mean compromise – it means access to a carefully crafted adventure that will leave you speechless.

But affordability isn’t the only hallmark of Roar Adventure Tourism. Their professionalism shines through in every aspect of your journey. From the moment of pick-up to the drop-off, their team of experienced professionals ensures that safety and enjoyment are always prioritized. Punctuality is a core principle for Roar Adventure Tourism – your adventure begins and ends at the promised times, allowing you to make the most of every moment.

A Warm and Family-Like Environment:

What truly sets Roar Adventure Tourism apart is the warmth and welcoming atmosphere they create. As soon as you step into their care, you become a part of the Roar Adventure Tourism family. Their friendly staff goes above and beyond to ensure that you feel comfortable and cherished throughout your journey. From the initial greetings to the shared laughter around the campfire, the family-like environment they cultivate makes your Dubai Evening Desert Safari a truly heartwarming experience.


Roar Adventure Tourism’s Dubai Evening Desert Safari isn’t just a tour – it’s an immersive experience that combines adventure, culture, entertainment, and warmth. With a plethora of activities that capture the essence of the desert and the heart of Arabian hospitality, Roar Adventure Tourism invites you to create memories that will last a lifetime. From heart-pounding dune bashing to the elegance of traditional dances, from the thrill of quad biking to the tranquility of camel riding, every moment is carefully curated to give you an extraordinary evening that you’ll cherish forever. So, let the desert sands whisper their secrets as you embark on this remarkable journey with Roar Adventure Tourism.

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